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Date: 07.01.12
Author: SageMyNest
Title: Testimonials

Not Your Typical Housewarming Gift!  Here's What Some Of Our Clients Had To Say...

"All my clients {who have received} the Deluxe Gift Kit absolutely love it and rave about it to me and their friends.  Thanks for making such a unique closing gift!"

-Matthew, Denver Realtor

"What a wonderful surprise to come home and find the delivery.  Thank you so much.  This is going to be my standard housewarming and realtor’s gift, you can bet on it."

-new sage my nest customer, upon receiving first order

"Thank you so much for the smudge [gift]. It's funny, I always smudge my homes. It's really perfect. How did you know?"

-new homeowner, received as closing gift

"Thank you so much for the lovely present for our new flat!  Finally [we] will have time together tomorrow so we will try your present.  Can't wait!!  The lucky charm is sitting by the front door and already bringing a lot of luck to us!!"

-sage my nest deluxe housewarming kit recipient

"Both {name} and I wanted to thank you for your housewarming gift.  It was greatly appreciated!  We are getting moved in today and did the Sage cleansing ceremony this morning.  Thanks again for the gift and the amazing job you did helping us buy our first home."

-sage my nest closing gift kit recipient


"It did arrive {on time} - in perfect time for my Sunday date.  She loved it!  I will definitely keep you in mind for future housewarming ideas.  It's such a great gift. "

-new sage my nest web customer


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