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Jumbo Sage Cleansing Kit
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Sage My Nest
Jumbo Sage Cleansing Kit

Sage My Nest

Jumbo Sage Cleansing Kit

Packaged for a wide range of gift uses, this weighty kit is more than your ‘typical’ sage burning kit.  Comprised of a jumbo-sized abalone shell, a large sage smudge stick and a hand-carved wooden display stand, this set will be a beautiful display piece long after the sage cleanse. Also included is the large (4.0 oz) bottle of our popular room spray.   

Not your typical  housewarming gift! 

Kit Includes:

  • One large hand-crafted sage ‘smudge’ stick and complete instructions for conducting a ritual sage cleanse
  • One Jumbo Abalone Shell, traditionally used to catch the ashes in a ritual sage cleanse
  • Hand-carved wooden display stand
  • 4.0 oz Room Spray – made with essential oils, available in the following scents:  Sage & Lavender Renewing Spray, Sage & Lemongrass Calming Spray or Sage & Eucalyptus Energizing Spray


Restore the positive energy in your home.


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