Jumbo Sage Cleansing Kit $35.00


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Jumbo Sage Cleansing Kit

Everything is oversized in this beautiful kit, which is anything but your ‘typical’ sage burning set.  Packaged for a wide range of uses, this kit contains everything you need to conduct your own ritual sage cleansing ceremony.  Enjoy a jumbo-sized abalone shell, a larger sage smudge stick (approximately 6 inches), along with a 4.0 oz. bottle of our sage smudge spray / room spray in your choice of several fragrances.  Includes complete instructions – anyone can do it! 

Makes a unique and memorable housewarming gift!  The Jumbo Sage Cleansing Kit is perfect for anyone who could use a pick-me-up! 

Kit Includes:

  • One large (6” size) hand-crafted white sage ‘smudge’ stick, and complete instructions for conducting a ritual sage cleanse (also known as a sage smudge)
  • Extra-large abalone shell, traditionally used to catch the ashes in a ritual sage cleanse, which displays beautifully
  • Hand-carved wooden display stand to hold your shell and sage stick between uses
  • 1 Woven hand fan (made of natural palm leaf fibers), for wafting smudge smoke
  • Large, 4.0 oz. sage smudge spray / room spray, made with essential oils and available in the following scents:
    • Sage & Lavender Renewing Spray
    • Sage & Lemongrass Calming Spray
    • Sage & Euclayptus Energizing Spray
    • Sage & Green Tea Restoring Room Spray
    • Sage & Cucumber Refreshing Room Spray
    • Sage & Sweetgrass Healing Room Spray

 Restore the positive energy in your home.


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