Ceremonial Sage Blessing Kit - Wedding and Vow Renewal Kit
Ceremonial Sage Blessing Kit - Wedding and Vow Renewal Kit
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Ceremonial Sage Blessing Kit - Wedding and Vow Renewal Kit $42.00



Ceremonial Sage Blessing Kit ™ - For Weddings and Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Celebrate with a sage blessing at your special event with this oversized smudge kit. Packaged with a formal ceremony in mind, this kit is perfect for a wedding sage blessing or anniversary vow renewal sage smudge.  It contains everything you need to conduct your own ritual sage cleansing ceremony, including complete instructions.

Makes a unique and memorable part of a wedding ceremony or vow renewal!  The Ceremonial Sage Blessing Kit is the perfect way to incorporate a Sage Blessing into your special day!  This is also a great vow renewal ceremony idea.

Kit Includes:

  • One large (6” size) hand-crafted white sage ‘smudge’ stick, and complete instructions for conducting a ritual sage cleanse (also known as a sage smudge)
  • Extra-large abalone shell, traditionally used to catch the ashes in a ritual sage cleanse, which displays beautifully and photographs well - (naturally occuring holes in shell are discreetly taped over on inside of shell so it's ready to hold sand for your ceremony). This shell rests perfectly in one's hand, but is large enough to show up nicely in photos
  • 1 Bag of white ritual sand, meant to fill the abalone shell to catch ashes and extinguish smudge stick after your blessing
  • Handcrafted Sweetgrass Ornament – A lasting memento of your Ceremonial Sage Blessing, this can be hung near the entrance of your home to encourage positive energy, or used as a holiday ornament for years to come
  • 2.5 oz. Sage Smudge Spray / room spray, made with essential oils and available in the following scents:
    • Sage & Lavender Renewing Spray
    • Sage & Lemongrass Calming Spray
    • Sage & Euclayptus Energizing Spray
    • Sage & Green Tea Restoring Room Spray
    • Sage & Cucumber Refreshing Room Spray
    • Sage & Sweetgrass Healing Room Spray

 Restore the positive energy in your home.

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